How To Handle Job Interview Anxiety

Interviews are probably one of the scariest things we adults have to go through. It is especially scary if you aren’t the confident type who is also most probably a people person. If that’s terrifying for us, it’s only worse for those who have social anxiety disorder. And we can’t actually just say that as an excuse when we want to have a job. So for those who have that but still went through the job interview? A lot of us are very proud of you and your bravery.

Just in case you need more help to get through an interview (they still are terrifying so we need all the help we can get), here are some tips so you can cope.

Kindly treat yourself well

No more coffee. It’s just going to mess you up and make you more agitated. Be in a good health by eating properly, getting enough sleep and exercising daily. Being healthy is one step to success.

Visualise the success

If you imagine yourself successful after the interview, your confidence would grow when you are actually talking to the interviewer during the interview itself. Smiling a lot, sounding eager and confident is a sure-fire way to get hired.

Reduce the stressors

This means the stressors that aren’t related to the interview. Avoid uncomfortable clothes. Don’t get lost. Don’t arrive late either.

Do your own research

Research the potential employer so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Also, it gives you ideas on what to answer once questions start. It gives you some answers to some of the common questions too.

Don’t succumb to pressure

People with SAD will have a hard time when the interviewer is being especially grilling. Don’t panic and don’t start thinking negative either. He’s just trying to accomplish his job and you’re trying to fill that blank spot they have. Calm down and be confident that you are the exact person they need.

Interview the interviewer

Your nerves would settle if you do some questions yourself. Ask questions and show that you are curious about the job you are trying to get into.

Release all that anxious energy

Little things like wiggling your toes can do wonders. It also helps you stop fidgeting when nervous and scared. Just little things, okay?

Take your time

There is no need to answer immediately. Pause before you answer so you can collect your thoughts. You can also say that you wish to collect your thoughts before you answer.

Be prepared

Be proactive. There is no way you are going in there without even an ounce of being prepared.

Congratulate yourself

Come on, give yourself credit. The fact that you managed to uproot yourself from your bedroom to go to this interview is already a big leap itself. Give yourself credit where credit is due. And once it is all over, celebrate that you survived a scary interview.