2020’s Advertising Trends That Help

The way we advertise changes constantly, depending on the things most humans would spend their time on. Back then, people were out and about (what with no source of entertainment inside their homes) so they put advertisement on billboards and such. Then they transferred into commercials when they found out people spend way too much time watching television. And nowadays, what with the uprising of the mobile phone, we find these ads on our social media feed.

Companies will always find a way to insert themselves into your field of vision.

Which makes sense. People have to work and this is how they make sales and such.

So let’s take a look at 2020’s advertising trends.

Chatbots and Messenger Integration

Because a lot of people are utilising chatbots these days as a form of easier communication, companies have done the same for their gain as well. They are there for not just advertising but they also are a quick form of Question and Answer thing for if you have questions for them and they will reply as quickly as they can. Messenger is also a fat way to get your ads seen, since people are using it more in some areas of the world.

Social Media TV

Due to the fact that we aren’t watching television anymore, commercials and ads have made their way into social media, where they know a lot more eyes are focusing on. That, and the fact that YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other streaming services are kind of replacing modern television. Ads are mostly there and boy do they garner the traffic they needed. As long as these videos and commercials are as quick as 5 to 10 seconds and are quick to absorb (and maybe mildly entertaining), you would have clicks.

Live Streaming Events Like Facebook Live Are Really Taking Off

This type of livestream advertising can happen in social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and Periscope. This is when they showcase their products to their audience live, so they can have the opportunity to answer questions live as well from their audience.

Ephemeral Content

This is what you call the Instagram Stories and the Messenger MyDays, where photos and/or videos are being posted but at a limited time. It helps their audience feel updated to something that they follow, and depending on their questions, their account they follow might post an additional story pertaining to the questions asked.

Social Media Listening

The internet is getting smarter and smarter, in creepy ways. A lot of us are aware that it’s mostly just keeping track of all your input keywords and what you say to your phone and what you type in it, but it does strike us as creepily fascinating that we get ads and pop-ups that relate to the things that we mildly interested in. for example, if you’ve been searching for diet the past couple of days, you may get an ad later about products regarding body-slimming.