Maximise Your ROI With Automatic Gates

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure total security at your commercial premises and the best way to do that is installing electric gates. The great thing about automated gates is the bespoke design aspect; the gates are designed around the business, for optimum performance, with many hi-tech features.

Customised Solutions

Once you have made contact with a specialist company that fabricates commercial automated gates, they would be happy to survey your premises and discuss your needs. The informal meeting would enable the designer to gather required data and they may also wish to observe the entrance at busy times, to get a first-hand view of activity.

Sliding Electric Gates

This is by far the most popular design, even when it comes to electric wooden driveway gates, as it requires no space behind the gates, with either a single unit that opens to one side, or a pair of sliding gates that meet in the centre. If you have manned security, the systems would be integrated into their control centre; while vehicle sensors enable automatic access, which is ideal for employees.

Optimising Busy Periods

When shifts change, this is a time when you should make the most of automated solutions, which takes the strain from the security personnel, enabling them to focus on the big picture. Access should be straightforward, but not at the cost of security and with biometric or swipe card solutions, employees can enter and leave at will.

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

Consulting Security

Large facilities demand a tailored security solution and security personnel would be consulted when designing the system. A barrier might be most suitable, or even separate gates for commercial and non-commercial traffic – a lot depends on the site and your needs. No one knows the potential issues better than the people who man the entrance and they should be invited to have some input regarding the design of the gates. Vehicle sensors enable automatic access and they can be issued as required.

Approving the Final Design

The gate company would have a set of final designs for you to approve and if everything is agreed, a survey will be arranged, which allows the technicians to take their precise measurements and fabrication can commence.

The Installation

This would be well-planned and take place during your least busy time and with all the resources and gate sections, the installation would be a smooth process. It would probably require the posts to be set a few days prior to gate installation, which would be completed by a special team. At the same time, power cables would be installed, should they be required and the project would cause the minimum of interruption to normal daily activities.

Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexels

Post Installation

Typically, one of the team would stay at the site for a day, to ensure that all systems are working as they should and with this completed, the project can be signed off. That is not the end of it, however, as gate maintenance is required and the supplier would agree a schedule with you and they have a 24/7 emergency number that you can call, should the need ever arise.