Situations When A Business Owner Needs An Experienced Employment Law Specialist

If you own a business, you will already be aware of the complex labour laws that are in place to protect both employers and employees alike. Most employers know very little about the complicated laws that cover employment and are always worried about non-compliance, and with that in mind, here are a few scenarios that you might encounter when you would need expert legal advice from a leading employment law advisory service.

  • Personal Injury Claim – In the event one of your employees injured themselves at work, they would likely claim compensation from the company and in such a situation, it is crucial that you seek out expert legal advice. This would be something that your employer’s liability insurance would cover, providing, of course, that you are compliant with the health & safety guidelines and with expert legal advice, you can proceed with the complaint with some confidence.
  • Unfair Dismissal – When you terminate a person’s employment for any reason, you do need to be absolutely sure that you have followed the correct procedure. In some cases, the employee feels that they have been unfairly treated and perhaps on the advice of a lawyer, they have decided to claim unfair dismissal. Many employees end up having to pay compensation for unfair dismissal because they did not seek out the advice of an employment law specialist and should any of your employees claim they were fired unfairly, talk to a legal advisor. There are also firms offering outsource ACAS early conciliation services.
  • Breach Of Employment Contract – There are times when an employee feels they are being asked to do something that is not in their job description and they claim their employer has breached the terms and conditions of the contract. This would usually start with the employee asking for advice from an employment lawyer and if this happens, you will need expert legal advice on how best to respond. The lawyer might recommend settling out of court, as the employee has a strong case for claiming their employer breached the working contract.
  • Employee Conflict – If, for example, a few of your workers are in disagreement over something, this could lead to a conflict and that might affect the business. In situations like this, you need an experienced mediator who can diffuse the situation and return the ambience to be a positive one.
  • Dispute Over Paid Holidays – Employees are conditioned to stand up for their rights and should there be a discrepancy regarding holidays that are paid, the employee would likely bring this up with their boss. This is when you need the advice of an employment law specialist who can advise you on the best way forward.

There is a constant risk of being non-compliant when you are an employer and in order to ensure compliance, you need to forge a working relationship with a leading employment law advisor.