The Other Alternatives Of Shipping Container : A Home Alone Is Not Enough

One of the most popular housing trends today is the use of shipping containers as an alternative and eco-friendly home. Gone is the old connotation that the shipping container is only used in the transportation of cargo. It’s still the main purpose in building a shipping container but companies are now looking into other ways to use them. It has now been the mantra of global companies who ship goods abroad: it’s just too expensive to ship back an empty container and so they become one-trippers. They are stored and allowed to rot in container lots unless they get picked up for another purpose.

Enter container architecture: the by-word in shipping container uses.

While the rest of the world are still thinking of housing and building designs with new eco-friendly materials, there is a whole new trend coming out of the architects and designers’ minds to transform the lowly shipping container into their own versions of a work of art. It has now become accepted: the shipping container has its other “purpose in life” aside from the transport of goods. Over the past 5 decades, the shipping container has gained an increased recognition for its durability, light weight, low cost ease of stacking and adaptability.

What now becomes the norm is literally “thinking inside the box” to create a masterpiece out of a design from these containers. But where to begin? Well, what do you need in the first place? Take a look at some of the endless possibilities of how a shipping container can be metamorphosed into something that’s not only unique but most importantly, serviceable.

The Food Business

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These shipping containers can become a fast-food mobile station or it can be  remodeled to cater to fine-diners around. People love to eat out and good food, no matter how basic or exquisite the place is will always be sought after. An even better dining experience includes a venue worth coming back to. A shipping container can be made into a coffee shop, a side walk food cart, a snack box, a take-out station or a bistro.

Offices and Workstations

The shipping container can be used even by the busiest executive in remote site construction locations or it can be used as its main branch in the busy downtown district. Whatever the purpose, a shipping container office is a convenient way to save on corporate costs.

Government and Military uses

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The  shipping containers are now vital tools in military operations and law enforcement. Shipping containers are now being used to house soldiers in military exercises in other countries. They provide safe and fast set-up of housing within the military compounds. Other government uses include safe storage work space for government agencies in disaster relief operations, homeless shelters, government-run day-care centers and mobile clinics and libraries.

The personal space at home

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And so you already have a home but want more space. A shipping container can be customised by homeowners, hobbyists or self-employed professionals who want extra space around the house without having to spend a lot. These additions could be a woodwork shop, a boathouse, a recording studio, a private greenhouse or nursery, a personal sauna, a hunting cabin or just an extra car garage.

Other suggested uses

The possibilities are outrageously endless for the humble shipping container. Its other non-conventional uses also include:

  • portable toilets for major events like state fairs, major concerts and gatherings
  • emergency hospitals in times of crisis and quick assistance relief distribution
  • portable laboratories and clinics for schools or rural areas
  • summer camping accommodations

Now that you’ve read the many opportunities that you can do with a shipping container, why not seek out a shipping container retailer and find out how you, too can join the bandwagon of proud owners and innovators the shipping container. You can find many online stores and container companies like the following: