5 Types of Businesses That Typically Have Electric Gates

Electric gates are a common sight, especially in the UK. There are certainly many homes and businesses making good use of available technology that can be integrated into the units. However, not all businesses would choose to have electric gates and the ones that do would typically be the following.

Manufacturing Facilities

Most factories have automated gates that are manned round-the-clock by a local security firm and all ingoing and outgoing traffic is closely monitored. The most popular design is custom electrical gates that slide either to the left or the right, depending on the layout. The gates could also be made from stainless steel, regular steel, hardwood, aluminium, or a combination of materials.

High End Retailers

Jewellers sometimes have large premises, rather than high street premises that only requires roller shutters. Having electric gates does add prestige and any business that is looking to impress would have state-of-the-art automatic gates at the store entrance. Art galleries and museums would also require automated gating, which would be designed to fit perfectly.

High Value Warehouses

Businesses that store valuable commodities would have automatic gating for obvious reasons. This type of premises would have manned security 24/7, comprising of 3 x 8-hour shifts and all incoming and outgoing traffic would be liable to search. The actual electric gates prices are more than reasonable. When looking for a provider, choose one that has extensive experience in commercial gating, which should ensure a professional installation. The units would be fabricated at the provider’s factory. With the right preparation, the installation would likely take a couple of days.

Learning Institutions

Schools, colleges and universities would have electric gates at all entry points as students need to have a safe and secure environment in which to learn. Sliding electric gates are the most popular in this category and the provider would design the gating to perfectly fit the venue while incorporating several security measures that include digital sign in and out. Most learning institutions would have manned security, at least during opening hours and a record would be kept of every visitor and their reason for coming. Biometric security is often used in schools, which allows for high numbers of people to come and go.

Secure Safety Deposit Boxes

The security provided at a place where you can deposit valuables would make good use of automatic gating. There are many private companies that offer space in their vaults for private clients that need secure storage and as you would expect, security would be high. The businesses that offer secure storage space need to have tight security for obvious reasons and customers would be issued with some sort of ID that allows unrestricted access.

Of course, there are other kinds of businesses that adopt high security, especially during these troubled times. If you would like a quote to replace your commercial gating, a Google search will take you to the website of a leading gate company that has all the solutions.